The IDIOM Assisted Pilot Model

The IDIOM Assisted Pilot Model

The assisted pilot model is designed for prospective purchasers who want to experiment with decision oriented development. It is particularly suitable for small ‘proof of concept’ developments, however several assisted pilot developments are now in their second or third years and are running substantial production processes, including all underwriting for one major insurer. This is a positive outcome that has occurred when the pilot development fully supported core business processes on delivery, allowing the customer to focus on business growth rather than technology issues. This ongoing development outcome is explicitly supported by the assisted pilot program.

The Assisted Pilot model is designed to allow you to progress your purchasing decision in a short series of small, risk averse, low cost steps, each of which proceeds at your discretion. At the end of the first engagement cycle you will have a good understanding of the value that IDIOM will bring to your business and development processes without significant cost or commitment - so that your eventual purchase choice is fully informed and as low risk as you choose to make it.

Step 1: IDIOM consultants will present using one-on-one GoToMeeting demonstration sessions to preview the IDIOM products and their capabilities and to discuss your business and your needs. If you then wish to see how IDIOM can be applied to your business, proceed to Step 2.

Deliverable: Customer insight.

Customer cost: Zero.

Step 2: You nominate a small pilot application to be used as a proof-of-concept. IDIOM will work with you to understand the high level requirements and project objectives, and to estimate the development effort. This is captured in IDIOM's Assisted Pilot contract, which includes protection for your IP, and reduces mutual obligations and commitment to the minimum. If you agree to start the pilot your greatest exposure is to 1 day of consulting effort by IDIOM. You are now ready for Step 3.

Deliverable: Assisted Pilot contract with supporting development definition and estimate.

Customer cost: Zero.

Step 3: The pilot application is developed jointly with your 'subject matter experts' and technical representatives working with IDIOM Consultants. The team usually works virtually but can be on-site subject to agreed expenses. The method and extent of involvement of each participant is determined uniqely for each engagement.

Deliverable: A small decision centric application. 

Customer cost: 'Time and Materials' at IDIOM's standard consultant rates.

Step 4: At the conclusion of the pilot development, you take ownership of the solution IP, including source code for all runtime components. At this time you will need to consider your next step:

Choice 1 - Assume management of the source code without further recourse to IDIOM.

Deliverable: All existing source code in the solution.

Customer additional cost: Zero.

Choice 2 - Continue using IDIOM consultants to further develop the pilot and other applications, but not to purchase an Idiom product license.

Deliverable: Further application development as may be agreed.

Customer additional cost: 'Time and Materials' at IDIOM's standard consultant rates.

Choice 3 - Purchase the IDIOM product(s) and take custody of the IDIOM design artifacts produced during the pilot (i.e. the various product models developed during the pilot)

Deliverable: IDIOM Product and License; All design artifacts including IDIOM Repositories, Forms, Process configurations, etc

Customer additional cost: IDIOM license fee (s).

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