The IDIOM Enterprise License Model

The IDIOM Enterprise License Model

The IDIOM Decision Manager is sold with pricing based on the scale of use, so that small scale, project level pricing is available with progressive upgrades to enterprise wide use if desired.


IDIOM is flexible in its pricing approach, and we will work with the Licensee to achieve an agreed and optimal pricing model. We guarantee that IDIOM is cheaper to purchase initially, and has a much lower total cost of ownership than all alternative products. Competitive pricing is simply one more advantage to add to IDIOM's already strong set of product and approach advantages.


Enterprise licenses only permit development of the Licensee’s own proprietary decision models - development of decision models on behalf of third parties is not permitted (software vendors please see Technology Partnerships )

The decision engines that are generated by the IDIOM Decision Manager (including any related source code) are automatically licensed for world-wide, royalty free use by or on behalf of the Licensee, but not for resale. Note that the source code to the runtime components is supplied.

The IDIOM Decision Manager is a necessary precursor for all other IDIOM products, and the derivative IDIOM products are simply appended to an IDIOM Decision Manager license when sold. Pricing for the add-on products is usually a fixed proportion of the Licensee's existing IDIOM Decision Manager license fee.

The IDIOM Decision Manager and other Products can be purchased under annual or perpetual licensing plans, and/or combinations of each.

Software Support is offered under the perpetual license model at 20% per annum. IDIOM aims to make two product releases per year.

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